Monday, December 7, 2009

Top tips for iPod Touch

* Adjust the volume when it is blocked
Did you know that you can adjust the volume of your iPod Touch even if it is blocked? Double click on the Menu button. Then you will see a menu with the ability to control the volume.

* Deleting a video
To delete a video, simply click on the icon "Video", slide your finger to the left (or right) on the video you want to delete, and here we see a button that will allow us to remove it. That is simple.

* Pausing when locked
As you adjust the volume when the iPod Touch is blocked, following the same steps that we have given in under "adjust volume", you can also pause the song or even move to the next track.

* Using special characters when writing
Holding the keyboard in active mode, hold the key that contains special characters. You will get a window with different options to choose from on the letters.

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