Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pzizz Review - Solve Sleep

We are not talking about an implant or pill that will make us enter Wonderland in seconds, but a combination of sounds that can guide us to a state more prone to relaxation. Although the stimulus sounds we enjoy the best reputation, it is known that a relaxation technique carried by a good guide with a deep enough voice and reassuring - programmed using neurolinguistic systems - can have very good effects. Pzizz that voice has quietly and clearly needed to generate a pleasant state in conjunction with natural sounds/environmental, and also help us sleep.

The system Pzizz offers two types of solutions: a version for sleep soundly and another for a energizing rest - Or a combination of both. For our part we tested the track energizing 15 minutes, and after achieving a relaxed state (in the middle of business hours) we returned to our work with some welcome changes. No, it was as if we had taken a Red Bull, but without a doubt we feel a little more likely to continue with the long day.

You can download for free a energizing tracks or naps. But if you buy the product you can enjoy a wide variety of tapes which makes the activity does not become routine. The cost of complete package Pzizz is € 36, while the rest energy modules or separately are € 22. The only problem we encountered when you do not have a version in Spanish, and though the sounds themselves can relax, enjoy the real experience is understanding the voice instructions guide.

Pzizz has released Pzizz sleep to the App Store. It cost $2.99 now, but it will be increased the price up to $9.99 on December the 14th.

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