Monday, December 28, 2009

Battleship game for iPhone Review

Among the naval battle games available on AppStore, there are very few people who can claim to remember parts of our childhood with the Battleship game (real and plastic). Electronic Arts must have heard the complaints and cries of torpedo vessels in shorts because Battleship has arrived. Battleship is available on App Store!

Battleship game for iPhone happily takes the principle of the naval battle by offering. In addition to the Classic mode, a mode super-weapons that we facilitate the detection of enemy ships by using bursts of air and missile batteries.

Between each round, the publisher added animations that if it gives a certain cachet to the game. It quickly becomes tiresome as to slow down the game, because we can not move (no option). Apart from this, Battleship is really interesting, because you can play against the game or with another player by Bluetooth or WiFi.

I also prefer Warships, more beautiful and less expensive. I love the game: nostalgia. I hate the game: animations impede the flow of play.

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