Monday, December 14, 2009

Playboy iPhone app review

It's the fact that the Playboy iPhone app which costs $1.99 approved by App Store.

Until now, Apple had been quite reluctant to the arrival of applications charming on its iPhone. But even this precept seems prudish changing with the arrival of any recent application of Playboy on the App Store.

Owners of iPhone and iPod touch will be able to get an eyeful during their journey through the application launched by Playboy. If applications of this kind are rare and already existing on the App Store, it is nonetheless surprising to see in land application signed by the giant American charm.

However, Playboy had to contain no nudity. However. Users will find the various sections of the magazine such as interviews, the counselor or the 20 questions, but also photos and video.

The Playboy magazine have to compromise: The naked woman is not allow to appear on the application, which is confined to display the magazine cover, and they should make some additional information in the form of course text.

You can access the following content by The Playboy iPhone app:

* Playmate photos and videos
* The famous Playboy Party Jokes
* Some wallpaper of the Playmate.
* Fashion tips
* Read the candid conversations from Playboy Interviews

Playboy is not porn and they are just naked girls. I do not understand that Apple is so prudish thereupon to prohibit topless on its store. It's really stupid. If tomorrow they want to break into the digital media, they will have to make efforts on that.

It does not have a big impact on media as small as the iPhone, but on a tablet if you can not see at least some pretty nude girls, this will flow inevitably this medium.

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