Sunday, December 20, 2009

Remote 4 Media Player control your media player

Do you want to control your media player remotely via your wireless network? Try Remote 4 Media Player please.

Among the many applications, such as remote control, can be found on the appstore. There is one that will please fans of VLC, XMMS2 or Rhythmbox.

Remote 4 Media Player allows you to control VLC effect on MacOS X, Windows and Linux via your wireless LAN. Users of known Linux distributions such as Ubuntu or Fedora are not left since the application can drive Rhythmbox and XMMS2.

Interestingly for fans of multistation, it lets you use your iPhone as a remote for your freebox via VLC course. It has indeed a special box.

What's its features:

* See the cover of your albums directly on your iPhone/iPod Touch
* Play related youtube videos on your media player, YouTubeApp or your iPhone/iPod Touch
* Control the playback of your albums, podcasts, web radios, videos etc.
* Access to your playlists
* Discover the biography and artist photos of your music library
* Watch youtube videos related to the song you are listening to
* Access to lyrics of your favorite songs

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