Saturday, December 19, 2009

Live on Xbox 360 Live with iPhone

It is already in the App Store that allows multiple applications to connect to Xbox Live from Microsoft, but the latest, 360 Live, could fill the players who can not bear to stay away from their network when they are not at their console.

Through a process described as being secure, the application will go into effect automatically retrieve your contact list and you present it in an organized way, showing by example that is online and who is not. For each of his contacts, we can access the player profile, including scores in part or in online history of games played.

Better still, we can also send messages to their contacts directly from Xbox Live application. Other applications of the same gender, it is noted that 360 Live to retrieve his contacts automatically, while many ask what they are entered by hand. However, we have not tested. Your feedback is welcome so if you offer it.

It apparently works well. But sometimes still it take a long time to log into in the section. And that is exactly what is advertised:

* Logs in to the xbox live account.
* Displays the status of contacts online/offline activity with current or recent activity.
* Allows players to view statistics (name, location, reputation, message of bio, list of games played with the scores and the list of success)
* Provides access to their inbox (not voicemail) and send messages to 1 or more recipients.

The interface is simple, clear and pretty. The players icons, games, general presentation are of good quality.The landscape mode to display the list of friends xbox so by cons shame not to see the different topics in landscape mode.

Practice particular about who plays or send a message without having to launch the console or go on the xbox site.

I am the procured, the application is interesting. But I like to offer it, for example, to launch a download from my iPhone to the Xbox, as it is possible to do on the web interface of Xbox Live. After that, I hope this application evolves.

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