Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ihusky 3d pet iPhone Game

Do you always dream of having your own pet? While this application will please you!

ihusky 3d pet game is a free iPhone app where you must treat your dog. For now you can only wash it, feed him and change his clothes, but this should surely change as a measure through the updates.

It's cute and charming. It amuses them ... First 2 minutes.
Result, without interest.

PS: You can also pat the dog appear to see the little hearts.

I find cute dog and I like the option that makes him change his clothes but I found the game too much is not limited parts or garden activity has not practiced with the dog so it becomes very boring.
I still prefer my real dog.

It's not terrible at the moment for what can be done, but it is nice, especially free only until the next version.

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