Friday, December 25, 2009

The 5 best ball games of the iPhone

The ball games for iPhone combine a principle very simple game to understand, a quick start and make an immediate pleasure.

The 5 best ball games of the iPhone:

Rolando is a game platform where it leads a person rolling on the ground. To move, just steer the iPhone in the direction we wanted it to. His goal? Save the people of Rolandoland, solve puzzles and play with the interactive environment.

2.Super Monkey Ball
Guide a monkey trapped in a transparent ball down slopes littered with obstacles of all kinds without falling off levels, following the principle of Super Monkey Ball. Very pleasant to take in hand, everything is played by tilting their iPhone, here is an excellent adaptation of the Game Cube versions of the hit Wii and Sega.

3.The Bounce
In the same vein such as Sonic or a Mario, The Bounce is a game of any platform that is more conventional: it runs a little ball in a fifty levels avoiding enemies, obstacles and other fatal traps. Gadgets offer new skills to the ball, allowing him to move on to new areas.

4.Gravity Well
Blend pinball game or mini-golf Gravity Well also draws many Magnetic Joe in principle: run a ball in tables, some forty in total, simply by pressing his finger on the place we want to achieve it. Laser switches to operate, spikes, doors locked ... requires severe whipping to advance!

5.I Love Katamari
Adaptation of the hit game on PlayStation 2 I Love Katamari immerses you in a game completely mad rolling a Katamari ball on a variety of objects in each level in order to stick to your ball. This grown increasingly allowing you to retrieve objects always larger and varied (salt, wine bottles, flower pots, cars, etc..).

Good games!

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