Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yoritsuki - visite the fictional Japanese inn

Have you visited the Japanese inn? When you travel in Japan, you can look in the guest room out back outside and watch the changing of the seasons. The outside world is alive: the snow falls, chirping birds and falling leaves of the cherry blossom trees. At least as iPhone app is rely on the winter, the colorful autumn gives way to the snowed winter landscape. In the traditional course, the space may Sliding partitions is not missing, who are also the only interactive element in Yoritsuki.

The Yoritsuki iPhone app displays the current time and is certainly in full screen mode as a clock, even in the absence of an alarm clock. The graphics and sound is great attention to detail lies. It has observed something relaxing the animations.
It can even switch between different Shojis. Yoritsuki change has a lot of style and you have not Japanophil to dwell a while on the virtual tatami mats of the guest room and fascinates between the seasons, day and night.

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