Monday, December 21, 2009

NOVA, FPS Game from Gameloft, is released

N.O.V.A (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance) is available on the AppStore! NOVA is revolutionizing the world of FPS (First Personal Shooter understand "shooter in first person"). Developed by Gameloft, the game has just won its 5 stars on the AppStore in just one week, and was compared to other great games such as Driver and Eliminate.

N.O.V.A is not expensive for a game of this incredible quality.

The story is fairly standard: a lone Marine carrying a huge arsenal must overcome an invasion of strange hostile individuals. The game is full of lighting effects and other, and operate your equipment thoroughly: the graphics are superb through 10 levels of adventure.

The title is not long but the variety of levels really makes the game experience enjoyable and unique. There are 6 different types of enemies, each with its own fighting technique, artificial intelligence and a specific "look" unique.

Our character will also, in order to always better defend themselves, acquire new weapons and broadens its scope and its paraphernalia of firepower.
As you can see the first screenshot, the controls are the same as Modern Combat: the virtual analog stick left and trigger shot to right.
Similarly, you should move your finger across the screen in the center to cover or just look around you.

Turning now to the operation of Multiplayer.

This mode is available both in Bluetooth for one against one, that Wi-Fi to extend its supremacy over the world. This allows for various parties to the Halo as capture the flag, etc.. A major innovation has also been added: you can now chat with your teammates through the microphone of your iPhone!
All these elements have obviously extended the life and interest.

NOVA is not a pioneer in its genre, but its value and playability make it a game to have. The multiplayer mode also allows you to have fun with pals, and Gameloft has referred to this blow.

A test of our staff is underway and will be published as soon as possible!

It's a Excellent game. I salute the work of gameloft which has managed to play nice and fluid and a small handling onions.
I also think that the game engine is that of Asphalt 5 because it is the same type of anisotropy (after the limit line display, the textures are pixelated and it shows very high levels in indoor Asphalt as in 5).
It is the one of best iPhone games without problems and is obviously the best and the best FPS on medium. When we see that, we said that Halo Iphone is entirely possible.

It is simply outstanding! Extra short, I finished the normal mode and I go to hard mode.

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