Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The story of Knocking streaming video app

The Application called "Knocking Live Video" is the first of its kind to offer live broadcasts of the video stream to the iPhone (3GS or 3G) on another iPhone or iPod touch through a notification system by pushing. Presented as a "tweet video" by its developer Brian Meehan, this application uses a private API that lets you capture the video stream to the iPhone. And yet it has received the green light from the AppStore. Apple has been known more fussy about the use of such APIs, normally forbidden ... And that is exactly what happened to Meehan, whose application was once released soon !

But Meehan is not the man to surrender: he was asked about the e-mail from Steve Jobs (he won!) And asked "humbly" to reconsider the case, suspecting that the robots that check the application code have rejected its software before a human being can take it.

The answer came a phone call, the day after sending the email: it was not for Steve Jobs, but an Apple executive who wished to remain anonymous. The green light had been given "Summit" knocking and Live Video Online on the AppStore, three hours later. So swiftly let dreamer, but come Christmas, it has every right to believe in fairy tales!

However, Meehan said that "Apple listened and really took care of developers. Unfortunately, we do not know if all applications using this API are now allowed, or whether this is an exception. In this case, Steve Jobs will continue to receive e-mails.

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