Wednesday, December 2, 2009

IPhone 3 to be a new iPhone model

There are already rumors floating around the Internet on a new iPhone model to launch next year, some for dates in June.

Apple provided that released new models of its popular mobile phone. And it will be in the best current position as regards hardware and software, making more and more users enjoy the benefits of modern technology. This new model becomes the version 3.1 of the iPhone.

During 2008, something similar had happened with the iPhone 3GS, being detected at least 8 months before launch mass to world market. Thus we can say that this version of the iPhone will come out around June 2010.

Although their characteristics are not known yet, the only thing you can predict is that with the constant harassment that is suffering Apple by Android. The new iPhone will certainly be a revolutionary gadget.

Apple has been looking for software infenieros area of the GPS and maps, so we can assume that this will be one of the strengths of its new mobile phone.

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